Song Of The South - 1946
"Song of the South" was released in 1946 and has been controversial over the
years. The film is a combination of live action life on a plantation mixed with  
colorful animated Brer Rabbit stories of mischief. The depiction of life on the
idyllic plantation in the pre-civil war South has been offensive to many people.

Disney has not released the film on video or DVD in the United States, but has
released to Japan and other countries. The charming animated sections of the film
tell the story of Brer Rabbit adventures with Brer Fox and Brer Bear. The
animated parts of the film are shown on television, but never the whole film as it
was theatrically released. Art is extremely rare to find from this film.

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SOS2007 This is a hand painted limited edition cel entitled "The Three Brers"  Edition 500, 1994  
Based on a scene from "
Song of the South" 1946                    $1300.00 framed.
SOS2006  This rare Disney studio stationary was created for publicity when "Song of the South"
was released in 1946. We have several sheets available.    Only $85.00 each.
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SOS2002 Brer Bear is caught in his own trap!  This is an original had painted production cel  
actually used in the making of "
Song of the South" 1946. Includes print background
EXTREMELY RARE!!!      $2800.00 framed.
SOS2003 Brer Bear dangles from his own trap! This is an original Disney studio lobby card from
the 1956 re-release of "
Song of th South" 1946.      Art size 8" x 10."       $300.00 framed.
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