Beauty and the Beast - 1991
Beauty and the Beast (1991) was the first Disney feature to use  computer
technology to replace hand painting of cels in almost the entire  film. All the
characters were drawn and then scanned  with color added digitally, scene by
scene. Non -production cels were specially hand painted and released with
original matching Master Backgrounds thru the Sotheby Auction in 1992.

Our collection  showcases rare original production pencil animation art from the
original "Beauty and the Beast"  film plus original production cels filmed to make
the "Beauty and the Beast" video releases. We also offer original cels painted to
illustrate "Beauty and the Beast" children's storybooks. Included in this collction
are also hand painted limited edition cels.                

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BBS2016 A huge portrait of Gaston by Disney animator Andreas Deja. This is an
original pencil animation drawing from "
Beauty and the Beast" 1991. $400  framed.
BBS2012 This is a great full figure hand painted cel of the Beast! An original hand
painted production cel from the Video release of "
Beauty and the Beast: The
Enchanted  Christmas
(1997)"     $700  framed.
BBS2005 Belle comforts her father in this unusual set up. This is an original hand
painted production cel and matching original watercolor background used to create the
Beauty and the Beast Storybook.     $700 framed.
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Celebrating our 40th year in
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