FernGully The Last Rainforest  (1992)
"Fern Gully, the Last Rain Forest " tells the story of a forest fairy named
Crysta and her fairy friends as they shrink a young logger named Zak to their
size in their effort to save their beautiful rain forest home. A crazy bat voiced
by Robin Williams adds lots of humor. Classic fully animated story!

Art from
"FernGully The Last Rain Forest" was originally distributed by
Gallery Lainzberg in Cedar Rapids, IA  when the film was released in 1992.
Art from this film is no longer available from the studio, so we search in
private collections for original production cels.

Here are some examples of art that we have found recently. Please call us and
tell us about your interests and we can check availability for you.
FG36 Crysta and Zak are very large in this fine production set up.
FG40. Crysta is superb in this great close up cel!.
FG65 The etherial Magi-Lune is lovely in this forest set up for an ideal portrait.
FG59 Pips is dramatic in this large pose!
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