Welcome to Wandas Lunn's Garden!

Wanda's interest in color and art began with colorful cels when she was one of the pioneers in the animation art
industry. She began her career at Gallery Lainzberg in Cedar Rapids, Iowa back in 1981. Now she is owner of
First Animation Art, the nation's most experienced gallery specializing in art from Disney, Warner Brothers, Peanuts
and television.

Wanda's interest in her garden exploded in the last 20 years as she created a new garden from scratch. With her
husband Bill, and daughters Amanda and Liz, she built a new home in 1990 and began her ever expanding garden.

Wanda specializes in Iris and Daylilies and True Lilies - perfect growers in the rich Iowa soil. They are hardy
enough to  survive our severe winters and bring color and much joy (and work!) from April through October.
Currently she has over 200 varieties of Iris and 225 varieties of Daylilies and 290 bulb True Lilies.

Here is Wanda's Cedar Rapids garden.... Let her know what you think.
She loves to hear from other gardeners....  contact Wanda by email at
She loves to hear about your gardens and flowers!
Wanda's Cedar Rapids garden is one of only forty
"Historic Iris Preservation Gardens" in the United States.
A Special Peek at Wanda's Daylilies, Lilies and mixed Perennials in July Bloom!
First Animation Art
First Quality Art from the Animated Film!
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Celebrating our 40th year in
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