Pocahontas - 1995
"Pocahontus" 1995 was the daughter of a powerful Native American tribe chief
named Powhatan whowas born in America in 1596. According to the Disney
version of the tale, Pocahontas and an English soldier named Captain John Smith
share a romance when English colonists invade 17th century Virginia. Disney's
33rd feature film is rich with great song and color.

Since this film was computer animated and used no  production cels, we are
pleased to be able to offer these original pencil production drawings and hand
painted limited edition art for your collection pleasure.
POC2004 This rough pose of John Smite clearly shows his body design.  This is an
original pencil animation drawing from "
Pochahontas" 1995.      $325.00 framed.
POC2006 Here's a fine standing figure of John Smith. This is an original pencil
animation production drawing from "
Pochahontas" 1995. $325.00 framed.
POC2002 John Smith and Pocahontas are together on a matching print background in this
hand painted limited edition cel  created for Disney Employees. Edition 103 . $1200 framed
POC2004 Lovely Pocahontas is full figured in this rare drawing. This is an original pencil
animation drawing from "
Pochahontas" 1995.      $350.00 framed.
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