CIN2020 Bruno is detailed in this fine model sheet! This is an original studio ozalid print
model sheet used in the making of "
Cinderella" 1950. $435.00 framed.
fine hand inked and hand painted limited edition cel. Edition 275, 1974  
Framed size 17" x 21." Please call for price and availability.  
Cinderella is one of our very favorites. It has all the right elements - great story,
great music, endearing characters and gorgeous rich animation..... and it's just a
darn good film! No wonder it was a hit in 1950 and still has legions of fans that
consider it the best Disney Feature film. Cinderella captures the magic of Disney
in the very best way!

Art from this film is particularly hard to get since very little was released before
the Disneyland Art Corner Store sold cels as souvenirs starting in 1955. Ask us
about  your favorite characters from Disney's "Cinderella" and we will contact you
when we find them.
CIN2006 This is an original 1950 Theater Lobby Card from the original release of the movie.
RARE! Actually displayed in a theatre to advertise the film in 1950  8" x 10" raw   $535.00 framed.
CIN2010 This studio lithograph was created as a souvenir at the theme
parks. This fine image is
hand signed by Disney legendary director,
Marc Davis.
      $265.00 framed.
CIN2056    Cinderella at the fountain in her ball gown is an iconic
moment from the film. This is a Disney released lithograph
commemorating this magical moment. $295.00 framed.
Cinderella - 1950
CIN2004 This original blue pencil model for the Duke is one of a kind and a real rarity! This is
an original pencil model used in the making of "
Cinderella" 1950.     $1200.00 framed.
CIN2028 Gus and Lucifer are classic in this pose. This is hand painted
limited edition cel released in 1974, this small edition of 275 captures the
characters perfectly. Please call for price. Framed size 17"x 21."
CIN2002 This rare cel of the Prince is a great portrait pose! This is an original
hand painted production cel on a print background from "
Cinderella" 1950.   
$1800 framed.
CIN 2001 Anastasia gives Cinderella a tongue lashing in this two cel set up. This
is an original hand painted production cel from
"Cinderella" 1950. This set up
includes a print background from the film.       $2100.00 framed.
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