Bambi - 1942
BAM 2009 This is a hand inked and hand painted Bambi 1950s production
cel used as  bridging animation on the "
Disneyland" TV show. Includes
print background.   $1000 framed.
BAM 2014 An adolescent Bambi is paired with Thumper in this hand painted
model cel created for Disney display. The characters are trimmed and mounted
together for this set up and it includes a print background from the
film.                                  Only $1200  framed.
BAM 2030 "Bambi Meets His Forest Friends"          and                               "Forest Secrets"
This is a set of two scenes from "
Bambi" 1942 with all of his forest friends. These fine art lithographs
on paper were sold through the Disney / Courvoisier Art Program in 1942. Art size 10" x 12."   
$650  framed for both pieces.
Walt Disney acquired the film rights to Felix Salten's novel "Bambi-A Life in the
Woods" in April 1937. Artists began work on crafting an animated adaptation
immediately. The story need to be softened to appeal to Disney family audiences.
The artists also discovered that it would be challenging to animate deer and other
animals realistically. The Disney Studio was moving to new premises plus other
projects put
"Bambi" on hold.

Finally in 1939, production on
"Bambi" began in earnest. Walt demanded that this
film be natural and beautiful. Soft impressionistic forest backgrounds were one of
the many features that made Bambi an artistic marvel. Disney animators spent four
months learning to draw deer naturally. Work proceeded slowly, but the end result
was a beautiful and incredibly emotional film that is still fresh to audiences today.

Very little art from the film has been saved but we are proud to offer this unusual
work from the classic film.
BAM2003 This is an original hand painted production cel setup with handmade  background
from "
Bambi" 1942. It was released through the Courvoisier Art Program.     $3995 framed.
BAM2031 Friend Owl and the bluebirds form a lovely scene  from
Bambi" 1942. This is an original hand painted production cel setup with
a hand painted background released through the Courvoisier/Disney art
program.                   $2500   framed.
BAM 2036 This dramatic cel of a Young Bambi is from the dog chase scene. This is an original
hand painted production cel with  print background from "
Bambi" 1942.  $1200  framed.
BAM2037 This pastel layout drawing of Flower the Skunk was created by Disney's  Legendary
Animation Director Marc Davis. It is very rare & beautiful  from "
Bambi" 1942.  $1500  framed.
BAM2039 Friend Owl and owlets are detailed in this inspirational model
sheet. This is an original ozalid print model sheet actually used in the making
of "
Bambi" 1942.   $350 framed.
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BAM2001 Infant age Bambi is detailed in this construction model sheet.
This is an original ozalid print model sheet actually used in the making of
Bambi" 1942.   $350 framed.
BAM2029 This is a set of two original pencil animation
drawings  - one on 16 field animation paper and one on a
translucent sheet. These were created by Legendary Disney
director and  animator Ollie Johnston in development of a
Bambi  limited edition  "A Special Look"  1991 lithograph

Both pencils are drawings of the Opossum family,hanging
upside down from a branch of a tree that Bambi meets
during a stroll in the forest. This set also includes a black
and white photocopy of the final scene with Bambi that was
used as references by Mr. Johnston. The art came from
Ollie Johnston's estate.
Sold as a set $1200 unframed. Ask us about framing .
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