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Pinocchio - 1940
PIN1703 Pinocchio becomes a real boy! This is a one of one hand
painted limited edition cel recreated from the original art from
Pinocchio. $1195.00 framed
PIN1604 Pinocchio and Geppetto dance around the workshop.
This is an original watercolor painting by artist Patrick Block
commemorating the famous scene from "Pinocchio."
$750.00 framed
PIN1631This rare hand painted cel was created for the Disney book,
Pinocchio's Health Book. 1940. $650.00 framed.
PIN1732 This early concept of Pinocchio shows the concept of
boy puppet in this very rare original red pencil sketch.
$495.00 framed.
PIN1706 Pinocchio becomes a real boy in this original
watercolor painting by famed Disney artist Toby Bluth.
One of a kind! $2175.00
PIN1708 Cleo the fish leaps with joy in this rare original  production
drawing with water effects and details.
$750.00 framed.
PIN1707 Sweet Cleo is shown in her delicate glory in this
original cel set up. This is an original hand painted production cel and
hand prepared background originally released through the
Courvoisier/ Disney art program.  $2880.00 framed.
PIN1709 This early storyboard sketch shows Pinocchio as a puppet
in the workshop. This is one of several rare story boards in this fine
collection. $975.00 framed.
PIN1713 Little Figaro is ideal in this original pencil animation
drawing. $425.00 framed.
PIN1712 Figaro is large and ideal in this fine portrait pose. This
is an original hand painted production cel from "Pinocchio" with a
hand painted custom background. Note there are TWO cels!
Call for details about this unusual set up.
$2520.00 framed.
PIN1715 This rare three character original pencil layout from the
tavern scene is a delight. Beautifully framed as shown - with signature of
Disney artist Shamus Culhane in the mat. See at right! Superb!
Only $950.00 framed.
PIN1618 Geppetto is a large full figure in this fine original production cel.
This is an original hand painted production cel from "Pinocchio"
with a hand painted custom background.
$2295.00 framed.
PIN1717 Geppetto's bedroom and workshop are shown in this detailed original pencil layout drawing.
This is one of the finest background layouts we have ever seen from the film!
$2950.00 framed.
PIN1719 This pan size pencil layout of Geppetto's cottage is a rare look into a scene set up and design.
$1925.00 framed.
PIN1622 Gideon expresses silly shock in this fun pose!
This is an original hand painted production cel
from "Pinocchio" 1940. This set up includes a hand
painted custom background. $1495.00 framed.
PIN1733 $450.00 framed.
PIN1667 $2650.00 framed.
PIN1768  $2995.00 framed.
SPECIAL VALUE! Special price for all three framed as
shown Call for details.
PIN1735 This beautiful original production cel of Pinocchio
shows him in the shadow colors and showcases the subtle color
palate only Disney could do in the 1940s!
$3850.00 framed.
PIN1740 Pinocchio holding the apple is one of the most recognized scenes
in the film. This is an original hand painted production cel with a
custom hand painted watercolor background. Most impressive!
$3795.00 framed.
PIN1742 This original pencil layout was created for a Pinocchio comic strip
which was relased at the same time as the film.
$465.00 framed.
PIN1745 Here's one of the gag ideas that didn't make the final cut of
the film. Pinocchio and the Pleasure Island Boys catch candy in their
mouths from the candy tree! This is an original pencil layout from
"Pinocchio" 1940.
$950.00 framed.
PIN1746 Jiminy is shown in size comparison with the elaborate pipes
from Geppetto's workshop. This is an ozalid print model sheet actually
used in the making of "Pinocchio" 1940.
$325.00 framed.
PIN1747 This very colorful original pencil layout of the kids on
the carousel
is from the Pleasure Island sequence of the film.
$950.00 framed.
PIN1749 Another fine gag scene was an idea to show how the
kids on Pleasure Island were encouraged to be "bad boys!"
$950.00 framed.
PIN1750 Animators created ideas for the plot of the film and
submitted these to Walt Disney hoping to collect a cash bonus! These
rare gag scenes show how creative the studio artists were!
$950.00 framed.
PIN1752 Stromboli has a number of marionettes in his traveling
show. Here is the original pencil model of the Spanish Dancers
created for this part of the film.
$750.00 framed.
PIN1754 This sketch of Figaro was done by animator Shamus Culhane at a
special show commemorating the film re-release of "Pinocchio."
$695.00 framed.
PIN1756 Geppetto goes out into the night in search of the lost
Pinocchio. This is a key pencil animation drawing and a lovely
full figure pose.
$850.00 framed.
PIN1757 How animated is this wonderful pose of Stromboli! He
holds the axe and is ideal in this huge pose.
$965.00 framed.
PIN1759 This large pose of the Blue Fairy is expressive and
VERY rare! This is an original pencil animation drawing from
"Pinocchio" 1940.
$2595.00 framed.
PIN1758 With green and grey pencil, this elaborate moment
shows the Coachman reacting with a great expression. This original
pencil animation drawing is a fine example of how emotion is shown
in simple pencil art!
$750.00 framed.
PIN1726 I love this elaborate colorful cel of Lampwick in the pool hall! This is an
original hand painted production cel on a custom hand painted background.
$1850.00 framed.
PIN1763, PIN1764, PIN1765 - Three magnificent poses of Pinocchio are
shown in numerical sequence. Sold as a set only in a
special display as shown - triple aperture mat in one large elaborate frame.

$2550.00 framed as shown below.
Here are three early design models of Pinocchio before his final
transformation and costume changes. Offered separately or in an
elaborate three aperture frame - Ask for prices and details.
PIN1760 This rare moment is when Pinocchio discovers he is a
REAL BOY! This is a superb original pencil animation
drawing. $750.00 framed.