The War Years - 1941 to 1945
WAR1707 Donald shows his four button coat and a military stance in this great cel
with a print background from "Home Defense" 1943. This is an original hand painted
production cel from a Donald Duck short cartoon. $1550.00 framed.
WAR1701 Donald Duck reviews the troops in this great publicity cel from the 1942
cartoon "Home Defense" 1942. $950.00 framed.
DON1720 The Nephews all move in unison in this rare publicity cel from
"Home Defense" 1943 a rare wartime short cartoon. This is an original hand
painted production cel from a Donald Duck short cartoon. $995.00 framed.
WAR1705 Donald climbs the rope in this great pose. Love the devilish
This is an original pencil animation drawing from "The Vanishing Private" 1942.
Rare! $875.00 framed.
Several war and propeganda films were created by Disney for the US Department of Defense during World War II.
These films played a significant role for the Disney Corporation because it was the true beginning of educational films.

The educational films would be, and still are, continually produced and used for the military, schools, and factory instruction.
The company learned how to effectively communicate their ideas and efficiently produce the films while introducing the
Disney characters to millions of people worldwide.

Throughout the rest of the war, Disney characters effectively acted as ambassadors to the world. In addition to
Victory Through Air Power, Disney produced Donald Gets Drafted, Education for Death, Der Fuherer's Face,
and various training videos for the military.
WAR1730 This is an original World War II War Bond issued with the Disney characters on the certificate.
A great piece of Disney history! RARE! $595.00 framed.
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