RHD1741 Maid Marian is sweet and demure as she reacts to the gift of flowers!
This is an original hand painted production cel from "Robin Hood" 1973. Only
$825.00 framed. This set up includes a print background.
RHD1751 Skippy Bunny is great in this large portrait pose. This is an original
hand painted production cel from "Robin Hood" 1973.  $725.00 framed.
RHD1756 This rough layout from the Archery contest is superb! A great piece
of Disney pre-production art. This is an original pencil layout drawing from
"Robin Hood" 1973.
$1095.00 framed.
Robin Hood was released in 1973 and told the classic story with an all animal cast. The voices were
wonderful and included singer Roger Miller, Peter Ustinov, Terry Thomas, Phil Harris and many more.
The great voices made the characterizations a delight. Prince John made a great bumbling villain and
Robin Hood certainly was a foxy fellow!

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RHD1752 This is an original storybook illustration using Disney characters in the classic story, "The Emperor's New
Clothes." Here is Prince John from Robin Hood as the Emperor and Gideon and Foulfellow from Pinocchio as other
characters This signed original pencil drawing includes the book
shown below. $1495.00 for the pencil illustration framed.
Robin Hood - 1973
RHD 1801 Little John is disgised in dragint his wonderful cel from the feature film. This is an original
hand painted production cel and print background from "Robin Hood" 1977. $895.00 framed.
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