The Lion King - 1994
The Lion King continues to be one of the most powerful and popular stories ever told by Disney.
The Academy Award winning film brought together music, color and a great story that touched the
public and make it one of the new classics in Disney films. Since the film was created using computers,
there are no production cels to collect. We are pleased to offer this small collection of pre-production
originals to tempt you. Call today about these fine art classics!
LKG1706 This rare concept rough sketch of Scar is large and captures his
sardonic expression! This is an original pencil animation drawing from
"The Lion King" 1994. $795.00 framed.
LKG1780 This set of pencil drawings is from the Lion King II -
Simba's Pride - 1998 - The top images show the bridge pencil
layout with the matching pencil drawing of Simba as he stands on
the log. The bottom two image are one piece of paper showing
a pan background with magnificent detail. All 3 offered as a set for
$1695.00 unframed.
LKG 1720 EVIL UNCLE. This is a hand painted limited edition cel released in 1991. Edition
500. Only $850.00 framed.
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