CHIP N' DALE  1940s - 1960s
Disney short films changed as the feature films became the focus of the studio after the huge success of
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937). By the 1950's some of these shorts became so elaborate that
they were released theatrically with Disney features.
Chip N' Dale started as two mischievous chipmunks who bedeviled poor Donald Duck in a series of theatrical
cartoons in the 1940s-1950s. They grew to feature film cartoons as their popularity grew. Enjoy their antics!
C&D2024 This comic page is from a rare 1950s Chip and Dale comic book. This is an
original one of a kind hand inked comic book page. Approx 12" x 18."      $975 framed
C&D2022 This is an original hand painted production cel of the little
guys  from the 1960s Disneyland TV Show.  $900  framed.
C&D2018 This funny pose has two very large images. An original hand painted
production cel with print background from a 1950s Chip & Dale cartoon short.  
$1600 framed.
C&D2010 Chip&Dales dancing in top hats in the Disneyland TV Show 1960s.
An original hand painted production cel with print background $950 framed.
C&D2006 Chip brings home the nuts to Dale! Cel set up with a print background
from a 1950s short cartoon. $950.00 framed.
C&D2003  Dale should NOT be creeping around the henhouse! Original
animation production cel from "Chicken In The Rough" 1951.     $650 framed.
C&D2090 This 1950's full figure pair show Chip and Dale with their classic
expressions! This is an original hand  painted production cel from a Disney short
cartoon on
an original production background!  $1500 framed.
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