All About Us!
Animation specialist Wanda Lunn has over 38 years of experience specializing in fine art from the
animated film. The Gallery Lainzberg tradition carries on with  Wanda Lunn at First Animation Art.

Starting early on with Gallery Lainzberg in its infancy, Wanda Lunn joined Burt and Edith Rudman and
helped them build their fledgling animation business. She spent 3 years traveling to college campuses
beginning in 1981. Wanda offered animation art for Gallery Lainzberg in exhibitions in Houston, New
Orleans, St. Louis, throughout the Eastern United States. She married Bill in 1984 and has two adult
daughters, Liz and Amanda , tow son-in-laws and a little Granddaughter Charlotte.

As the business grew, John Cairns was hired at Gallery Lainzberg to join Wanda and the Rudmans in
1985. They began to offer animation art over the phone and through a fine art catalog.Loking for
Gallery Lainzberg? Click Here:    
All About Gallery Lainzberg!

Wanda and John left Gallery Lainzberg after the retirement of the Rudmans. Gallery Lainzberg is now
closed. They joined Gregg Medlyn and his staff at Fine Toon Gallery in Houston, Texas but remained in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They pioneered the offering of animation art long distance with faxes and then
email and web technology. John and Wanda left Fine Toon Gallery after Gregg Medlyn sold the
business. Fine Toon closed in 2001.

Wanda and John began their own specialty animation business offering the best quality cartoon related
art with the best animation expertise in the country in 2001. John retired in 2019.

First Animation Art represents the major animation studios and is an authorized gallery for Warner
Brothers, Disney, Bill Melendez, Chuck Jones, Don Bluth, MCA Universal, Cartoon Network, Dr. Seuss
and many more!

First Animation Art carefully authenticates, preserves, and mounts this original artwork making it
available to you through our personal search service. Call the Gallery at 319-363-6136 and tell them
about your interests and your collections. You'll find helpful specialists who really know the art form
and can give you reliable information so you can make the best choices for you!
About Wanda -

Wanda Lunn is a Mom and Wife plus an avid gardener. Wanda is a Cedar Rapids,Iowa native and is
one of 8 children. She donates many hours each year to her Master Gardener talks and projects.

Wanda had been married  to Bill Lunn for 36 years. Bill is a retired Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Nurse
from the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City. Wanda and Bill have two daughters and a little

Bill is an avid sportsman and competitive trap shooter. They have two hunting dogs, "Katie" and
"Harley." When Wanda is not in her garden she and Bill take long trips on their Harley touring
Bill and Wanda on a Harley trip in Colorado
Wanda judging at the International North American
Lily Society Show 2012. Wanda has been an active lily
grower and accredited lily judge for over 12 years.
Wanda in her garden with some of her large collection of
German Bearded Iris.
Wanda holding the Isabella Preston Trophy for
winning Best Lily in the show with the
Trumpet/Aureleian lily:  
At the North American Lily Society Show in
Chicago, IL,  - July 2016
First Animation Art
First Quality Art from the Animated Film!
526 Bezdek Drive NW  ~ Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405
Celebrating our 38th year in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa!
Daughters Liz and Amanda visiting Taz Devil
Wanda's "Honey Bee"  asiatic lily stem won
"Best in Show" at the Iowa Regional Lily Society
annual Lily Show in 2019.
A tiny corner of Wanda's Garden....
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